Why everyone should love pasta

Pasta is one of the main ingredients in any Italian recipe, due to its taste and versatile capacity deliciously impregnated with other ingredients. But this is not the only reason that in Italy and in the rest of the world love pasta, as this is essential for a healthy diet and is good for digestion.

You want to meet other benefits of pasta? We’ll mention them below.

Ideal for a good nutrition

Pasta, as a source of carbohydrates, are a key component for healthy eating and it is easy to combine with vegetables, salads and even some desserts.

Allow a good digestion

Due to its composition, dried pasta is digested more slowly than other foods. This is a benefit because meals with slow-digesting carbohydrates help the body get all the nutritional benefits.

Strengthen intellectual performance

Pasta provide nutritional benefits for intellectual performance, because the brain feeds on glucose (and glucose is carbohydrates and therefore on pasta).

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