What is the jubilee year?

A year of Jubilee is a special period of celebration, thanksgiving or redemption held by the Catholic Church.

Another common question is: how often is the year of Jubilee? A Year of Jubilee usually occurs every 25 years or so, though there are “Extraordinary” jubilee years called sooner than the normal 25-year period.

The jubilee year that Pope Francis convoked – the Holy Year of Mercy – began on the feast of the Immaculate Conception, December 8, and will end November 20, 2016. Also, Pope Francis announced the Jubilee Year of Mercy during a Lenten penitential service in St. Peter’s Basilica.

Mercy is a central message of Pope Francis’ papacy and it’s one he is trying to spread through this year of jubilee. He continues to reiterate the need for mercy – both to give it and receive it – even after the Vatican financial leaks and the terrorist attacks in Paris.

The Pope Francis said, “The call of Jesus pushes each of us to never stop at the surface of things, especially when we are dealing with a personWe are called to look beyond, to focus on the heart to see of how much generosity everyone is capable.”