Weddings in Italy

The Amalfi Coast is definitely one of the most romantic and enchanting spots in The South of Italy where to exchange your wedding vows. This is a spectacular coastline which embraces the charming resort towns of Positano, Amalfi and Ravello, where the narrow road laces its way around precipices and where the little white towns, climbing up the mountain, look directly onto the calm blue sea, you are presented with a panorama of breathtaking beauty.
Houses and hotels are perched in spectacular locations to capture the magnificent views.
Completely and utterly charming in its simplicity…for the most romantic wedding
These photos tell a story and each one allows you to relive those moments of great joy.
Enzo has his studio in Ravello, one of the most beautiful place of the Amalfi Coast where the art of photography is of use to valorize the wonderful landscape. He has a long experience in wedding and event photographs and he is specialized in black and white handmade prints. Enzo Campitelli is able to model his creativity on the couple’s personality and to take pictures that transmit feelings and emotions.
Through his shoots it is possible to understand the complicity and the particular feeling that he is able to create with the newly married coupple. These elements are important in order to realize original and happy photos. He is specialized in black and white handmade prints.