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Volano a place that you must visit

Italy is a country full of magical places, one of them is a small captivating Volano ideal for people who want to live an experience full of great peace and a natural setting . This historic village in Trentino in northern Italy which gives it a diverse climate, with temperatures below zero in winter and tropical summer.

In the history of Volano, the first inhabitants were presumably in the Mesolithic . Then be fully dominated by the Romans in the first century after Christ. In medieval times it was organized territorially by three institutions : the parish, the community and the federal jurisdiction.

Already today , depending on the time of year they vary the activities you can do trekking , ecotourism , biking or mountain biking , skiing or snowboarding in winter the snow is abundant in the area.

Regardless of the season, Volano is presented as an opportunity to unwind and enjoy a holiday full of peace and tranquility .