Villa Jovis palace with history

In southern Italy , specifically in Capri , there is a Roman palace which is also known as the Villa of Jupiter . Built by Emperor Tiberius to rule there since the year 27 AD to 37. Located in the northeast of the island , on top of ” Monte Tiberio ” , its elevation is 334 m, making it the second highest peak , surpassed only by the ” Monte Solaro ” 589 meters elevation.

Passing through the main entrance is a stunning cliff overlooking the ocean and legend has it that Emperor Tiberius threw people after quench his sexual appetite or they committed suicide . The rumor came to so many parts that fishermen have spread the myth and say that around the cries of people listen.

At present the main attractions are great views overlooking the Gulf of Naples , the Sorrento peninsula and the island of Capri, because the palace is in ruins but you can feel the vastness of the land.