Crudo di pesce

Try the delicious Crudo di pesce at La Piccola Fontana San Juan

In La Piccola Fontana San Juan we offer you the best saucers based on marine food, and for this opportunity we invite you to satisfy your palate with the exquisite saucer of Crudo di pesce. This exotic recipe of raw fish, to the best Italian style, mixes fresh vegetables with our excellent selection of fish for your enjoyment.

In addition, you can accompany this delicious saucer with a bottle of wine of our wide selection of drinks. For it we recommend to you an exquisite white wine, which will get on perfectly with the delicate flavors of the fish and will allow you to enjoy both parts.

Make your reservation as soon as possible to try our excellent Crude oil I gave pesce and enjoy a evening full of luxuries and qualit food that you will never forget. You can do your reservation calling +1 (787) 791-0966, we will wait for you in La Piccola Fontana San Juan.