Tips to combine pizzas and wines

Tips to combine pizzas and wines

Among one of the most popular saucers of Italy, one you can find it is the pizza, a delight that combines the best cheese mozzarella and Neapolitan sauce. Maybe, the pizza it is better plate in La Piccola Fontana. It is possible if your a pizza lover, and for that reason you should know how to combine it with an exquisite wine. It is an elegant combination, which will increase the spirits of the evening and which simultaneously will help you to process better the food.

For this reason, we will show you the best combinations of pizzas and wines, so that you could bear them in mind for your next(near) party.

Pizza Margherita: pink wine

If your favorite pizza is the Margherita , for this mixture of flavors as the tomato, the mozzarella, the fresh basil, the salt and the oil, your better option is to choose for a pink wine, which will contrast the acid of the tomato and will offer a delight to your palate.

White pizzas: sparkling wine

Some pizzas do not prevail for it’s use of the tomato; there exist alternatives that combine cheeses with sauces as the bechamel and seasonings spinach, pesto or olive oil. In this respect, this type of pizzas can accompany on a sparkling wine, which is not very strong and the best choice for a perfect complement of form on your food.

Pizza Napoli: red wine

The base of this pizza is a delicious sauce of tomato and cheese mozzarella, to the best style of the Italian food, for what you can accompany with a red wine, which increases the flavor of the tomato, combining in an ideal way with your pizza.