The Top 3 Health Benefits of Italian Food

The Top 3 Health Benefits of Italian Food

When a person speaks about one of the best gastronomies in the world, the Italian is the prefer one. Not only because it’s full of delicious flavors and insuperable combinations of ingredients, this food it is highly profitable for those who consume it. From benefiting your cardiac health, to having a lot of power like antioxidant.

These are our top 3:

Strengthens your cardiac health

The use of ingredients like the olive oil and the seafood, proper of the Italian gastronomy, are ideal sources of healthy fats that they help to keep protected and strengthened to your heart. In addition, the undoubted accompanist of this food, the red wine, also has been categorized as positive for your cardiac health.

Excellent source of fiber

The fiber is widely known for it positive for the digestive system and for facilitating any process of digestion, enclosed for anticipating the constipation. Thankfully, the Italian gastronomy contains diverse fruits, grains and rich vegetables in fibers that they help you keep healthy.

High antioxidant power

With vitamins like A, C and E, presents in fruits and vegetables of the Italian recipes, it is not of be surprising the saucers have a high antioxidant power. This benefit helps you to avoid the cellular damage and to reduce the risk of suffering any type of cancer.

Now that you know the principal benefits of the Italian food, do not hesitate to visit us in La Piccola Fontana to spend an agreeable evening, full of the best saucers of the Italian gastronomy, and to enjoy our delicious wines.