The top 10 Instagrams of ‘La Bella Italia’ you need to follow

Discover the inner beauty of Italia with our selection of the top 10 Instagram accounts by locals and foreigners who capture the essence of Italy, sharing their discoveries from personal perspectives and eccentric angles. Here at the 10 Instagram accounts of Italy you need to follow.

A picture speaks a thousand words. That’s what they say, isn’t it? But it can often feel that photo-sharing apps have diluted the power that photography once held over us, particularly thanks to the blizzard of filters, tweaks and twerks that we have at our fingertips. But urban and travel photography has never looked so good thanks to these apps, and Instagram is the perfect portal from which we can experience the finds of others from all over the world. We recently explored the joys of Milan through Instagrammers, which you can see here. 

Today, we take a look at 10 of the top Instagram feeds by users based in Italy, both local and foreign, that put a whole new twist on La Bella Italia and what it is that makes this country one of the world’s most desirable holiday destinations. From southern coastal towns to the landlocked medieval marvels, discover the secrets of Italy through the lens of others (we at Swide learned a thing or two too).

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Archaeologist and history Ambassador, Darius Arya is our first port of call, cropping up on all sorts of ‘best of’ lists. Based in Rome, this guy with a keen eye takes us on trip around ancient sites, forgotten treasures and areas of interest. One thing you’ll notice is that Rome truly is the apple of his eye.


One of my personal favourites, from  the icy caps of Trentino to the warm glow of Naples, Gianpiero Riva’s feed is bursting with colour, stimulating images and imagination. Blue is the most striking shade within his feed, with green and the occasional burst of orange breaking through. Mesmerising.


Once in Rome but now in Sicily, Rachel is a published author and food is her passion. With Rachel you’ll discover the delights of local markets, her favourite foods, and even preparation tips for her must-try eats.


A collective, this incredible feed will have you feeling the highs and lows of Italy as if it were novel. From magnetic shots of coastal towns to modern urban architecture, you’ll discover interesting perspectives of the cities as well as the beauty of overlooked towns.


The most popular Instagram feed on this list, we are given a romanticised, ideal look at la dolce vita and boy it’s amazing. From picture perfect compositions of buildings to much-loved landmarks seen in a new light, Nicolee Drake’s feed will have you packing your bags in an instant.


Milan based food stylist, Laura La Monaca, brings the likes of food, the lakes, locals and lunch together in one lovingly curated feed. From the green waters of the north to the clear blues of the south, Laura takes on an enticing tour of Italy, letting the beauty speak for itself.


How this Instagram user has less than 1000 followers confounds me. The sense of detail, love and romance within his images is worthy of hundreds of thousands of followers and I am happy that Swide can show this guy’s feed to you all. From all manner of perspectives, subject matter and filters, Marco Badiani’s images will leave a colourful yet composed impression on you.


Jessica Stewart is based in Rome and offers us her point of view on urban life, architecture and street art, using a sharp yet simple eye to show off what it is that makes Italy, in particular Rome, so great.


Another much follow is by Venice based architect Marco, who takes us on the road with his friends as well as playing on our feelings of jealously with the beautiful shots of Venice that he posts. With an overriding colour scheme of blues, whites and dark greens, we are occasionally surprised by warm interiors of ancient buildings and wooden tables. Lovely stuff.


The self proclaimed Tuscan Texan Georgette Jupe tells us that she is one part foodie, wino and world explorer. Sounds like my kind of gal. Based in Florence, we are given a key to Tuscan life through her eyes, from street food stalls to hidden artisanal shops, and from cityscapes to coastal views to raise the greyest of heart. A world through the lens of @girlinflorence is a beautiful one.


Source: Swide, by: Ben Taylor