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Italy’s Lazio region

¿Are you looking for a day trip from Rome? You don’t have to go any further than Lazio, the region that’s home to Italy’s capital city!

This area is located just an hour from Rome by train, and the town and lake of Bracciano make the perfect escape. Also, the medieval town is quaint and lovely; the 15th-century Odescalchi castle has been the residence of two different papal families (the Borgias and Orsini), and played host to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes.

When he wanted to escape from Rome, Emperor Hadrian came to his sprawling, luxurious villa outside the city. Much of the villa remains intact today, with columns, marble pavement, and ancient statues, and gives a tantalizing glimpse into the opulence of ancient Rome!

One of the key towns of the ancient civilization of Etruria, Sutri today has 64 Etruscan tombs dating all the way back to the 6th to 4th centuries B.C. (that’s 600 years before the current Pantheon was built in Rome!).

The Roman amphitheater here is also worth seeing.

Easily reachable by train from Rome, Albano Lake makes an ideal escape in the warmer months.

Located on the top of a mountain in Lazio’s lush Monti Simbruini, Cervara di Roma is a medieval town unlike any other.

In an attempt to attract more visitors, the people of Cervara-who number less than 500-have made their town a destination for artists, welcoming international artists and art students and allowing them to create sculptures, murals, and other pieces on the walls and stones of the town.

As a result, a visit to Cervara doesn’t just mean striking views of the surrounding countryside, but a tour through a living art museum!