The Focaccia: the best of the Italian flavor

The Italian gastronomy is recognized internationally for been healthy and by it’s delicious flavors. Among one of their principal meals there is the focaccia, a species of flat bread covered with grasses and other food products, which undoubtedly any saucer of Italy complements to the perfection.

The focaccia is a traditional plate of the Italian cuisine and very related to the popular pizza, though the usual thing is that it is served as entry during a formal dinner. On the other hand, this bread with grasses serves as appetizer in a meeting, accompanied by cheese pecorino.

The basic recipe of the focaccia itself comes from the former Greeks, nevertheless it is considered to be a delight of the gastronomy of Liguria. Among it’s variations there exists the stuffed focaccia of olive or ham, cover of olive oil and rosemary.

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