The first pizza made with seawater is in Naples!

Have you ever heard about a pizza made with…seawater? In Naples, the homeland of the popular Italian dish, there’s a pizza maker who has had the idea of substituting salt with seawater. What’s the result? Let’s discover more with Swide.

Hands up who doesn’t like pizza, the heavenly Italian dish born in Naples and soon become one of the most popular and appreciated foods all over the world belonging to the Italian culinary tradition. If choosing amongst the large choice of pizzas was not already difficult (not only the classic Margherita but also that with peppers, mushrooms, spicy salami and so forth) from today things are getting even harder (how much we love this kind of problems!) since in Naples, its homeland, you can now eat pizza made with seawater in place of salt.

The first Pizza made with seawater is in Naples 2

Pizza maker Guglielmo Vuolo is the one who firstly had the idea of preparing pizza without using salt, but seawater in order to exalt the favor of each ingredient and create something healthier. In this way, the process of making pizza basically takes more time and a leavening of about 20 hours is needed, but don’t worry, for the seawater used to prepare the dough is not the same water you can find on the beach, but a microbiologically pure foodstuff produced by Steralmar Company in Bisceglie.

The first Pizza made with seawater is in Naples 1

But what the difference with the same pizza made with salt? In its creator’s words this kind of seawater made dough is “lighter, softer, and more digestible, focusing on the health and palate pleasure, allowing the discover of authentic flavor of each ingredient.”

The first Pizza made with seawater is in Naples 3

So if you are traveling to Naples, don’t miss out on heading to pizzeria Eccellenze Campane where the place to try pizza made with seawater, passion and the most high quality ingredients. No doubt this is an admirable and innovative initiative, trying to offer guests a healthier product without opting out of the quality and flavor of one of the most iconic and delicious Italian dishes, one more reason (if you needed one) to love and enjoy pizza.


Source: Swide, by: Claudia Baroncelli