The bikini in time of the Romans

The most famous room of Villa del Casale is a rectangular room with mosaicfloors and frescoed wallsApparently it was originally destined for the servants who took handled themaintenance of the rooms of the residence.

The new owners overlaid the first, more ancient, mosaic floor with geometricdecorations with the floor decorated with the ten girls in bikinis, dated to thefourth century AD. The girls in subligar and stropkion are shown side by side,along two overlapping lines, viewed from the front.

The women are engaged in various fitness activities: long jump, discusthrowing, long distance running and ball games. And, the girl proclaiming the winners looks different to the others: she is wrapped ina light dress that highlights the shape of her bodyOf the two winning girls, one is holding a spoked wheel used in a test of skill,and the other is already clutching the palm of victory and wearing a crown ofroses.