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Travel apps to use in Italy

This time, you can see many of the apps are available on all platforms (Apple iOS, Google Play, Android) and don’t need an internet connection to function (you can forget about expensive roaming costs while traveling abroad)

Getting Around
1. Italy Travel Guide by Triposo

2. ProntoTreno

3. Museum Guides: Let the apps guide you as you discover Italy’s artistic masterpieces and archeological sites. (here for iPhone or here for Android) with maps and descriptions of over 40 of the countries museums and landmarks, and the Uffizi Art History Guide ($3.99)

Communicating with the locals
4. LingoLook

5. Word Reference

Dining like a local
6. Cibando

7. Foodies by Gambero Rosso

8. Eat Rome, Eat Florence and Eat Venice

9. TripAdvisor