Basilica de san pedro portofrome

St. Peter’s Basilica

In Rome there is a wonderful and impressive place that dazzles all the roofs , it is the Basilica of San Pedro. One of the most popular destinations in the Eternal City for its artistic treasures and the importance that proves him to be one of the main venues of religious manifestations of Catholics.

In its majestic square Masses Christmas and Easter, also the rites of Holy Week , the proclamation of the popes , the opening and closing of the Jubilee and canonizations are held.

The basilica was built in 1506 and 1626 under Pope Julius II and Pope Urban VIII , meanwhile the square is the work of Bernini, he was not completed until 1667.

Its dimensions are 128 meters long and 133 to 30 meters high dome , making a total area of ​​about 23,000 square meters. The facade measuring 115 meters wide and 45 high.

The square has a diameter of 240 meters and the obelisk at its center reaches 25 meters high.