Stromboli volcano the “Lighthouse of the Mediterranean”

Stromboli is an active volcano which is one of the Aeolian islands, located off the west coast of Italy. The origin is not defined but it is believed that emerged about 100,000 years ago, its base begins to more than 3,280 feet below the sea surface and rises to 3,031 feet above the sea.

The “Lighthouse of the Mediterranean ” has been active for about two thousand years, the lava emerging from the crater of the volcano, moving down the slopes , ending at the sea. This could indicate that the magma chamber of Stromboli is constantly filled by the mantle , action that experts conceptualized as an activity ” Strombolian”.


The island is visited by nature lovers who want to live the experience of feeling the roar of an erupting volcano. A unique phenomenon that the inhabitants of Stromboli perceive every fifteen or twenty minutes.

When the volcano is clear you can enjoy the beaches of black volcanic sand , crystal clear water . Similarly this destination has as main attraction for outdoor enthusiasts and thrill of trekking. And it can be done by several agencies available on the island.