Pleasures of Italian cuisine: stuffed pasta

Pleasures of Italian cuisine: stuffed pasta

Those who have visited us in La Piccola Fontana, know the best of the Italian food and surely they had the opportunity to try the delicious stuffed pasta. This type of recipe consists of using sheets of pastas elaborated with wheat, and often combined with spinach, which go you refill of cheeses, mushrooms, meats, seafood or vegetables.

This enterteining and delicious recipe can qualify according to the form of the pasta:


In this case the pasta has form of moon and is refilled by meat, though every time they are more the variations of the recipe of raviolis.


This type of stuffed pasta is of square form and the usual thing is that it is stuffed with spinach beets or spinach and cheese ricota, close to a sauce four cheeses or olive oil.


In case of this type of pasta, it’s form is of thick rings, refills with Boloña and accompanied by a delicious creamy sauce or broth.

These delicious stuffed pasta are normally served by sauces of pesto, four cheeses, of tomato or puttanesca. Though also it is possible to choose for little olive oil and grated cheese. Visit us in La Piccola Fontana to enjoy the best pastas.