Pesto a hit of flavor to the palate

The name of this emblematic sauce comes from the word ” pestare ” meaning crush in a mortar. The story goes that the recipe was born Genoa to emerge as a variant of the ” agliata ” sauce used by the fishermen for food preservation. The ingredients forming the exquisiteness are : olive oil , basil , garlic , pine nuts and cheese.

For its preparation it is important to use a marble mortar in order to crush the garlic and put it together with salt, (avoiding the metal because it alters the flavor of the basil) . The second step is to add the basil leaves gradually and crush the walls of the mortar in circular motions. Pinions are then incorporated and a spectacular green cream is obtained. The final step when the cheeses are added , is mince ingredients and then collected by spatula what is in the container , while olive oil is simultaneously pour until the proper consistency.

To avoid confusion , it is important to note that there are some dips known as ” pesto ” because it is the name by which recipes made with mortar or crushed ranks . And they not always relate to the typical green basil sauce.