olive oil on wooden table

Olive oil protects against cancer

Olive oil is widely used in gourmet food particularly in the Italian cuisine due to its health benefits and delicious taste in food. Now, this is not the only advantage of consuming olive oil. In a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine it was determined that olive oil protects against breast cancer.

The consumption of this kind of oil is 5% to 28% and reduces the risk of developing a breast tumor one of the diseases that most affect women today. To this result they studied 4,282 women who did were followed for 4.8 years.

This study confirms the benefits of Mediterranean diet own Italian gastronomy. So if you want to benefit with the use of this oil it is recommended to consume four tablespoons daily. So take advantage of the benefits of olive oil and visit us at La Piccola Fonatana, where you can taste the best dishes of the Mediterranean diet.