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Neptune’s Grotto

In Sardinia near the cliff northeast of Cape Caccia, is found a wonderful island full of grottoes and caves of this style. A fisherman discovered in the eighteenth century Neptune’s Grotto hiding place the second largest inland lake in Europe.

Erosion through the years has built up one of those miracles of nature, which gives us curious and magnificent forms.

There are two ways to get to this cave one of the biggest attractions of Sardinia, the first is from the sea. With the boats that leave from Alghero (the nearest town) and make wonderful tour. The other way to access is by land through a large staircase that makes lose track of even the most enthusiastic tourists, but without losing the mysticism that prevails in the Grotto.

In both cases the cost of the routes is about 12 euros and that visits are made only at set times and with a guide accompanying throughout the trip.