Make the best toast

By the arrival of any celebration is also time to toast for that. However giving a speech toast can be difficult either because of shyness or not knowing exactly what to say to be suitable for the occasion. It is for this reason that La Piccola Fonatana will give you some tips to make the best toast.

Show gratitude
Be grateful to those accompanying you especially those unconditional people. A toast is the best time to show gratitude to those who support you and are part of your life.

Emphasizes the positive
Seize the toast to remember that achievement or happy moment and make everybody smile.

Make it particular

Toasts usually extend and become unnecessarily complicated. Avoid rambling; offer a concrete speech that will be memorable and have the most important and relevant information.

As extra tip we recommend you to be as original as possible, that the speech is in your own words for others to identify with what you say. So you know how to make the best toast now you just have to make your reservation at La Piccola Fonatana and enjoy our menu.