Look this amazinhg underwater vegetable garden off the coast of Italy

Sustainability is the key word of the challenging project, called Nemo’s Garden, promoted and carried out by Mastel Safety, an Italian company operating in the underwater field that created a submerged greenhouse in Noli where they cultivate all types of vegetables: from basil and courgettes to salad and radish.

Wondering why? They want to find alternative ecological sources for human consumption, creating food even in those desolate areas and coral islands close to the sea that boast environmentally harsh conditions not so favorable to cultivate crops.

The idea of creating underwater plant cultivation was born in 2012 and then developed in Noli bay, in the province of Savona through the following years.

Nowadays, Nemo’s garden includes more than 5 biospheres boasting underwater bubbles anchored to the sea floor and floating vertically at depth between 18 and 33 feet.