Known traditions Christmas of Italy

Christmas is a time filled with family and fun, no matter which continent or country you are. In this sense, Italy has some of the most beautiful Christmas traditions and they become at this time part of the other contries.

Christmas tree

We all know the beautiful Christmas tree is a tradition that can be seen in the homes of many families like in much of the Italian territory. The usual practice is to put the Christmas tree from December 8th using natural and artificial trees and leave it there until January 6th.

The crib

Also from December 8th families gather to prepare the manger a miniature representation of the birth of Jesus Christ accompanied by houses landscapes sheep and shepherds.

Christmas dinner

Each region of Italy has a different way of making the holiday dinner but this tradition is usual on December 24th for a dinner and in some cases a family lunch served on December 25th . On these evenings you can find dishes such as Panettone and Mascarpone sauce.