The Italian cuisine and its benefits

Italian cuisine is internationally known to have many health benefits, especially for its high amount of vegetables and olive oil, as well as its accompanying wine, dairy, eggs and red meat.

A study from the journal Clinical Interventions in Aging determined that Italian food is not only healthy, but also helps reduce the risks associated with certain chronic diseases. Therefore we mention some of the benefits of consuming recipes of Italian cuisine.

Helps to control weight

Italian food include ingredients like tomatoes, spinach, citrus fruits, onions and garlic, which are low in calories and fat, and a high nutritional value. These foods are ideal for losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight.

Strengthen your heart health

Foods on Italian cuisine such as olive oil and seafood are excellent sources of healthy fats, plus they contain omega 3, which is linked to the prevention of heart disease.

Has a lot of antioxidant

Their high content of vitamins A, C and E make the Italian plates highly powerful of antioxidants which helps protecting your body from unstable molecules that cause cell damage, thus helping to reduce the risk of developing cancer.

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