Italy recovers the wine throne

Italy regained the throne as the country that produces wine in the world with 48.9 million hectoliters, surpassing France (47.4 million) and Spain (36.6 million).  According to official figures issued by the International Organisation of Wine (OIV).

As recently questioned the World Health Organization (WHO ) advises moderate consumption , indicating that intake should not exceed two glasses .

Domenico Zonin
Domenico Zonin

The president of the Italian Wine Union (UIV) Domenico Zonin said that the renewal of wines and supported by appropriate pricing policies, favored the economic environment recovery key to return to the first position process. And according Zonin this might be possible with the strategies employed by the supply chains, to ensure stability in the market in the long and medium term.

The Italian wine market had a huge spike in the UK and the US, with prosecco, sparkling and frizzy