Words and phrases



 Common Italian phrases

Per favore: Please
Grazie: Thank you. You may also hear “grazie mille” (literally “a thousand thanks”) to mean many thanks.
Prego: You’re welcome
Mi chiamo…: My name is… You may also say “Sono….”
Non parlo italiano: I don’t speak Italian
Parla inglese?: Do you speak English? This is the formal version, but you can also ask parli inglese? if you’d like to be informal.
: Yes. Other popular affirmations: va bene (fine), okay. 
No: No
Dove: Where. You may ask “Dov’è (street or landmark)…?” for directions.
Chi: Who
Quando: When
Cosa: What
Perché: Why

Helpful words for getting around Italy

Metropolitana: Subway
Treno: Train
Macchina: Car. Also known as auto
Autobus: Bus. A coach bus is sometimes referred to as pullman
Aeroporto: Airport
Taxi: Taxi
Ristorante: Restaurant
Albergo: Hotel
Banca: Bank. Be sure to ask for a bancomat if you’re looking for an ATM
Aiuto!: Help!
Dov’è il bagno?: Where is the bathroom?
Quanto costa?: How much does it cost?
Che ore sono?: What time is it?
Destra (right), sinistra (left), dritto (straight)
Vicino (close), lontano (far)


Uno (1), due (2), tre (3), quattro (4), cinque (5), sei (6), sette (7), otto (8), nove (9), dieci (10)

Days of the week

lunedì (Monday), martedì (Tuesday), mercoledì (Wednesday), giovedì (Thursday), venerdì (Friday), sabato (Saturday), domenica (Sunday).