Italian Weddings Part 3: Best Places to get married in Italy

Check out some of thefavorite locations for an idea of the best places to get married in Italy. Take pictures in front of the famous arena and have your reception in a traditional trattoria or out in the hills of the city. On the other coast, the seaport town of Portovenere lights up at night, sharing the reflection of the moonlight.

With beautiful flower, honeymoon by hopping among the five cities of Cinque Terre, located just north of Portovenere. In the mea alternative to Tuscany including the prices!

San Gimignano has that small town feel tucked in the Tuscan hills, while Perugia, the capital of Umbria, offers plenty of options and ease for your big day, while still ensuring peace and an escape from the bustle of a big city. Imagine taking your photos on a vespa in front of the Coliseum or beneath the magnificent Duomo of Florence.

For those searching for a truly unique location, head farther south to Apulia (Puglia in Italian) to the town of Alberobello. Famous for its trulli, ancient cone-shaped pheasant houses, Alberobello is now a UNESCO World Heritage site to protect the history of the buildings. Also, you can get married under the mountains among the cobblestone streets and past includes influence from the ancient Greeks, Turks, Romans and Arabs, but the Sicilian culture reigns strong today.

Another foodie paradise is Naples, best-known as the home of the famous pizza, napolitana, Naples has plenty to offer food-lovers.

Source: Walks of Italy