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Italian Weddings Part 1: Getting married in Italy

You will need all the requirements mentioned before to get an Apostille Stamp, given by the Secretary of State of the stare you are from. Often, hiring a wedding planner is the best option to handle all the ceremony details overseas, including the paperwork.

Tiding the knot in Italy is the dream scenario for some brides, but planning the ceremony abroad comes with a lot of different problems. One of them is that, you might not be able to have a Catholic wedding, even if is a very Catholic country.

The amount of priests who will officiate the ceremony is small and the couple will have to complete a full course of marriage classes or pre- Cana trailing, before they could move on with the wedding. And it’s probable that the couple will have to have a civil ceremony before a religious one could be held.

The dichiarazione giurata or Nulla Osta, is a certificate which swears that there are no legal impediments to the marriage under the Italian law or any other country around the globe. For US citizens the Nulla Osta fee is 50 USD, but each embassy has a different cost.