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Italian Wedding part 2: Italian wedding traditions

Having an Italian wedding is a fairy tale come true!

So adding some Italian wedding traditions to complement the destination is the perfect way to bring you and your guests completely into the Italian culture. Try some or all of these great wedding traditions.

For instance, in Venice the bride walks to the church in her second best gown, to prevent her bridal one from any damage, saving it for the ceremony, Tuscany brides traditionally wear a black gown with a white hat or veil. To avoid the marring couple from seeing each other before they married, either to preserve the bride’s purity or to ensure that an arrange marriage was followed through, the bride’s face is covered with a long white veil to represent purity.

Unlike in American weddings, there are only one or two bridesmaids and groomsmen, the witnesses are not anticipated to dress alike. For the grooms it was a tradition, in some parts of Italy, to carry a small piece of iron in his pocket to cast away evil spirits and bad luck, like the bride changing her mind.

It’s tradition for the bridal party to delay the arriving to the reception, using that time to refresh and relax before being presented as newlyweds. The Tarantella is a traditional wedding dance in the south, continues to be an important part of the celebration and all along Italy it’s a very common situation for the guests to sing traditional wedding love songs to the new couple.

Similar to other countries, the new bride might carry a small bag or borsa for le buste or envelopes packed with money from the guests.