Italian desserts to seduce the mouth

Italian gastronomy is internationally known for dishes such as pasta, caprese salad, lasagna or carpaccio itself, all the flavors that make the best of Mediterranean diets. However many Italian desserts that have traveled the world falling palates of its guests in every bite.

Recipes such as cannoli, gelato and Italian panna cotta, make the people fall in love and become fans of Italian food.


This dessert is typical of Sicily combines the delicious flavors of the pastry cream flavored with a hint of cinnamon, ground nuts and ricotta cheese, all wrapped in a mass in tubular form. Ideal to end an evening, accompanied by wine.

Italian Gelato

Italian ice creams are internationally recognized for its flavor and the creamy taste. What are differences of common ice cream? This type of dessert is done by hand, with less air and fat, so its texture is soft on the palate. Flavors such as tiramisu, limone, cappuccino can be found, among others.

Panna cotta

This is a delicious dessert is typical of the Piedmont region, created with cream, sugar and gelling, which is added to jam berries. An alternative to soft fruit flavors complemented by texture.