isola-bella-stresa de la otra ruta

Isolla Bella the spectacular garden island

At Lake Maggiore in the southern Gulf of Verbania, near the limit of Piedmont and opposite the town of Stresa is located the spectacular garden park consists of ten overlapping terraces that reach over ten meters high.

Isolla Bella belongs to the Borromean Islands archipelago consists of the isolla Mother,  Isola dei Pescatori or Isola Superiore and the isolino di  San Geovanni.

In the garden park, you can find lush flowers , statues, exotic trees in the style of a stepped pyramid that make up an authentic orchard , justifying the opinion of many experts define it as the best garden of Italy.

The island also has a historical anecdote , because it was where Carlos III wanted to give a work for his wife Isabella D’ Adda and ordered the construction of the Borromeo Palace , filled with furniture of great value, majestically decorated rooms and tapestries stunning flamingos.