How to travel Italy by train: It’s easy, we promise you


Definitely one of the best ways to travel from place to place in Italy is by train.  Nothing like the US, for example. The Italian train network in connected to almost every main city in the country.  Besides, the trains are frequent, the tickets are quite cheap and trustworthy. That’s why we’re surprised when people say that they’re scheduling a flight or renting a car to drive from Naples to Rome or some other destinations.

Driving throughout Italy could be anything from confusing to dangerous, especially for those new in town. If you add to it the car rental and the gas fee, turns out cheaper going by train. Meanwhile, flying requires a lot of time getting on and off the plane and out of the airport, which could be even longer and more expensive than taking the train.

If you don’t speak Italian, figuring out the train schedule could be complicated.

The national rail service is Trenitalia, it includes all of the national routes. To check the website in English, click on a button at the top that says “English”. Once you’ve selected your destination and date, you’ll often have a number of options for exactly which train to take.

The fastest trains are the “Frecciarossa,” “Frecciargento” and “Frecciabianca”, with speeds of up to 200-250km/hr. The “Eurostar”, are between the most expensive and fast, their connections are limited to the major cities alone. For a cheaper version, the “intercity” or the “Regional” trains are a nice choice, they connect everywhere else but make more stops and are slower than the rest.


Source: Walks of Italy