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How to taje a Taxi in Italy… Without getting ripped off

When it comes to getting around Italian cities, we pretty much rather walking or public transport over taxis. Every now and then, though, you just have to grab one. But even if it seems like the easiest option, don’t be one of those tourists who winds up victim of a super-expensive taxi ride!

It lowers the chance that you’ll end up in non-registered taxis, which are known for not playing by the rules.  And it’s because, in Italy, drivers start the meter from the moment they get the call. Don’t ever get in a cab with just a €50 bill, the more coins you have on you, the better. Cab drivers should, but don’t always, have a lot of bills and coins to make change with.

Never take a ride from a driver who approaches you. Unless you know the city from head to toe, you’re not going to come out in one piece.  Besides, usually, unless it’s for a long distance legitimate taxi drivers won’t try to set a rate with you in advance. And popular long trips, for instance, from Rome’s center to one of the airports, have rates that are pre-set by the city – so those shouldn’t be open to negotiation in any way!

Rome comes to be a really confusing city, not every single driver knows every hotel or restaurant. Know an approximate of how much your fare should cost, but don’t get too paranoid.