How to professionally harmonize cheeses and wines

The cheese is a fundamental ingredient in the Italian cuisine. From pizzas to pastas, the gastronomy of Italy is predominated by the use of different types of cheese, specially mozzarella and Parmesan. But, What is it necessary for harmonize the flavors of the cheeses and the wines? Depending on its texture, aroma and flavor, some wines are ideal for certain ingredient.


Which is the best wine to accompany the mozarella cheese? Undoubtedly a young toscano wine or a glass of chianti; they are the best to accompany a delicious pizza.


A chardonmay Chilean or Californian sound the best to harmonize with a Parmesan cheese, a fundamental ingredient of all the Italian pastas.


The provolone cheese is also widely used in the Italian gastronomy. If you are tasting a saucer with this ingredient, you may choose for a glass of riserva chianti or a barolo of powerful tannins.

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