How to Pair Pasta and Wine

Those who know the best of Italian gastronomy know that wine and pasta are inseparable. Either white or red, there is a wine for each pulp and their respective sauce so it is imperative for all Italian food expert know what flavors are completed in the perfect dinner.

Want to know which wines go with each type of pasta? Pay attention to the following list and considers our tips for your next elegant dinner.

Bolognese sauce

Do you enjoy a good pasta with Bolognese sauce? This beef dish goes perfectly with a red wine, which makes it an ideal contrast of strong flavors.

Tomato sauces

The pasta with a delicious sauce of fresh tomatoes and parmesan cheese is very traditional on Italian food, especially when it is accompanied with a young red wine or a rose wine that is integrated with the acid of the tomato.

Seafood sauces

The best companion for pasta with seafood or fish sauces are wines like Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay or a dry Champagne. Besides the elegant drinks are perfect for Caribbean flavors of the seafood.