How to enjoy a delicious risotto with a good wine

One of the most representative saucers of Italy is the risotto. It is a recipe based on rice that is enjoyed specially in the Italian region of Lombardy. The risotto languishes are close to other ingredients as the meat, artichokes, seafood or fungi. 

This is why La Piccola Fontana will explain to you which wines harmonize with every type of risotto.

With fish

When the risottos are based on fishes, the ideal thing is to accompany them on a sweet wine, already it is one white and freshly, a fruity bouquet or a pinot blanc, which harmonizes with the slightly flavors of the saucer and it do not darken.

With red meats

As for the risottos based on meat, it is preferable to enjoy these saucers with red wines, a fruit-bearing bouquet or delicious chardonnay, which will contrast with the intense flavor of the meat.

With fungi

In case of a delicious risotto with fungi like the risotto to the funghi, the ideal thing is a red wine, lightly fruit-bearing and that allows to estimate all the flavors.

With vegetables

The vegetables have a slightly flavor in the risotto, for what if they are the complement of your saucer, your best alternative is a dry and fresh wine of acidity, lightly fruit tree, as a sauvignon blanc.

If already you know how to harmonize wines with the risotto, visit us in La Piccola Fontana and enjoy the best saucers of the Italian gastronomy.