How to eat spaghetti properly

When you eat spaghetti it is probably an accident can happen especially if it has Bolognese sauce. It is for this reason that La Piccola Fonatana will tell you how you can eat a delicious pasta dish without splashing on your clothes or face, as this reflects a misuse of silverware.

Eat spaghetti properly shows good manners, so it’s never too late to learn these formalities. So if you’re eating fettuccine, linguine and traditional spaghetti, you should avoid rolling the pasta spoon support, since this cover is used for desserts.

Another mistake is that you should avoid making pasta snack to eat it more easily, because it is not the proper way to eat Italian food.

The correct way is to hold the fork with the index finger and thumb with the teeth down. It should take a few strands of pasta with a fork and turn it into the bowl until they are gone completely joined. Fork lift and take it to the mouth.

So if you know how to eat spaghetti properly, you just need to visit La Piccola Fonatana to eat a delicious pasta dish. We hope to help you have an unforgettable evening with the best Italian food.