How to eat appropriately some saucers

When it is time of tasting gourmet saucers , as that you can enjoy in La Piccola Fontana, there exist some basic rules of etiquette that you must keep in mind to eat appropriatly, of refined form, without having accidents that trouble others.

For this reason, today we will explain to you how to eat appropriatly some plates, following just a few basic rules of etiquette, according to the type of food.


This food is tasted by a special fork: is thin and has three teeth.


The ideal way of eating it is to take it with a teaspoon and to deposit a bit in the plate; later smears it itself in small chunks of bread with similar butter is eating up.

Lobster and crab

They must think with the left hand and with the right the legs and the joints are extracted, the legs split with special tweezers and one withdraws the meat with a small fork.


When the olives are served like botana, they can think with the hand or a toothpick for botana.


In case point is placed in the table, split it with the hand to the half and later small chunks continue splitting to take them to the mouth.

Now that you already know how to eat some plates, visit us in La Piccola Fontana and enjoy the best saucers of the Italian gastronomy.