Heading to the Amalfi Coast? Don’t stay in Sorrento. Stay Here instead.

When it comes to where to stay in the Amalfi, most people have one big suggestion: Sorrento. The guidebooks maybe even opinion, it has a lot more to offer, from museums to a big, central beach.

Salerno is super-convenient for getting to other Amalfi coast towns. In fact, when you took the bus in the morning, from Salerno to Amalfi Town, the only other people on it were locals doing their shopping.

And there is more: Paestum, an ancient Greek city founded in the 7th century B.C., has some of the best ancient Greek ruins found anywhere in the world. From the Amalfi coast, though, Paestum can be tough to get to. The direct buses take you there in about 50 minutes. Thanks to the Circumvesuviana, you can easily reach Pompeii from Sorrento. If you want to go by boat, Salerno has lots of options. The ferry to Positano from Salerno takes just 25 minutes; the ferry to Amalfi Town, 35 minutes.

As far as accommodation goes, we got a lovely triple in a charming bed and breakfast, in the heart of the historic center, breakfast included, with a private balcony, for the pricier places.


Source: Walks of Italy