Harmonize wines and desserts as an expert

When you taste the best of Italian food in La Piccola Fonatana the most delicious dishes are desserts. That’s when the question arises as to what are the best drinks to accompany these dishes, especially when it comes to wine.

Harmonize wines and desserts is a subject that only experts dominate, but the key is to recognize the flavors and intensity of these beverages, which are suitable for each type of dessert.

Here we mention two combinations of wines and desserts that work perfectly.

White wine and vanilla

If you are eating a dessert made with butter cream or custard and highlighting the vanilla, it is best to opt for a softer white wine.

Red wine and chocolate

If you want to eat an Italian dessert that is based on chocolate, you can opt for a delicious red wine that contrast with cocoa.

You already know how to harmonize wine and desserts? Then visit La Piccola Fonatana and enjoy the best sweet Italian-style.