1Focaccia de Quadrata

Foccacia the beauty of simplicity

The Foccacia is an exquisite and recipe and  only need  5 ingredients, water, flour , yeast, salt , olive oil, that are then converted into a piece of aromatic and tasty bread cooked on the fire.Its origin is associated with the Italian gastronomy, but there are versions that link with the early Etruscans and Greeks.

One of the stories located of the Focaccia in Genoa, in the town of Recco in the sixteenth century, when the pirates Saracenos attacked the inhabitants of the region and the people took refuge away from the city with the indispensable for survival, among the most  common food oil, salt and flour.

The other theory points out the origin of the Focaccia in Liguria, a place with many olive groves, favorable for the recipe since the oil is its main ingredient. The Locality  adopts  the recipe as  such as one of its culinary delights and is known by “Fugazza”.