Differences between the white wine and the red wine

The fanatics of a delicious saucer of La Piccola Fontana knows the grand thing that is to harmonize the wines with an Italian food of quality. But always the doubt arises, should it take white wine or red wine? What do these wines differ as for its characteristics, for example. In this opportunity we will mention to you some aspects of these drinks in order that you know its differences and similarities.

* Calories: the red wine and the white have 125 calories.

* Carbohydrates: there is no difference since both contain 3,8 g.

* Natural sugar: the red wine has 0,9 g. of sugar and the white 1,4 g.

* Potassium: the red wine contains 5 % and the white 3 %.

* Calcium: both help you to strengthen your bones.

* I shoe: the red wine contains 4 % of iron and the white 2 %.

* Magnesium: the level of magnesium of the red wine is 5 % and the white is 4 %.

* Phosphorus: the red wine contains 3,4 % of phosphorus whereas the white 2,6 %.

Undoubtedly the differences in components between these wines are minimal, so only you should take in consideration if your saucer has strong flavors that contrast with the red wine or, on the other hand, it is a recipe, ideal of soft flavors to accompany with a white wine. So, while you turn into an expert into wines and Italian food, we wait for you on La Piccola Fontana with the best gastronomy of the city.