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Florence food tour: Just delicious

If you make your way to Florence, don’t forget to try the most traditional food and wine the city offers with a Florence food tour. With a local guide, get ready to taste the spots where the locals go – those hidden delicacies that are not always listed in guide books.

Our table was filled with many types of crostini like the popular bruschetta, mushroom spread, olive spread and a few toasted bread slices with the best olive oil ever. The Sant’Ambrogio Market, one of the best markets in Italy, is quite large and spills out onto the street with many more shops inside.

Oh and don’t forget all the different types of olives!

The cheese was also incredible as we tried young and aged cheese and even pecorino romano and parmigiano romano. Our group of four shared a large plate of orecchiette pasta with zucchini, perfectly fresh! Lastly, we enjoyed their ribollita- a Tuscan soup cooked down with local bread and vegetables.