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Common mistakes that ruin Italian food

1- Pasta as an accompaniment.

Neither pasta or risotto, never be served as an accompaniment. Except as meat recipes “alla Milanese”, pasta and rice are made in Italy as a main dish every day, which is mandatory if we want our calories skyrocket. In Italy it is “sacrilegious” use as a garnish, a space that is reserved, almost exclusively, to the vegetables.

2- Ketchup on menu.
The all-time high of all attacks on Italian cookbook is to accompany the pasta with ketchup, a sauce is spaghetti-cut bathing medium-Spain, especially when children are destined to diner. Barilla Academy this practice qualifies as a “real culinary sin “, but forget the rest of tomato sauce boat, which in Italy are not too extended. The reality is that, to succeed with a good plate of pasta with tomato sauce is a need for a home. There are thousands of recipes and although there are very worthy products, no industry prepared exceeds the benefits of a sauce made with fresh tomatoes in season. In winter, however, boat peeled tomatoes may be the best alternative.
3- Cook the pasta in water with oil.

In Spain it is very common squirt of olive oil to the water in which the pasta is cooked, a custom which, according aimed at the Academia Barilla, adds nothing to the dishes. In his opinion, the oil should be added after draining the pasta.

Another Spanish nasty habit of forgetting that the Decalogue is the pulp washing in cold water before wringing, which only serves to make it lose flavor.

But do not worry. In La Piccola it does not happen. You’ll always have the best italian food.