Celebration of Italian wine

Celebration of Italian wine

Although Italian wine labels can look a little confusing at first, they’re pretty simple, and read a lot like French wine labels.

Depending on the wine, there should also be one of the below labels: DOCG, DOC, IGT, or VdT. Know your DOC from your DOCG from your While it might look like alphabet soup, these different labels show the wine’s classification.

In Italy, the strictest classification is DOCG; these wines have to be made in DOCG-protected zones and adhere to stringent regulations.

The second-strictest classification is DOC. Like DOCG wines, DOC wines have to be made in specific zones and with particular regulations.

If you’re navigating a wine store or a wine menu on your own, a few little words can be a big help.

Not to mention, knowing the Italian makes it fun! The most important word? “Vino”, of course! To describe what kind of wine you want, just put the adjective after the noun.

“Vino rosso”: red wine “Vino bianco”: white wine “Vino rosato”: rosé wine “Vino amabile”: a medium-sweet wine “Vino dolce”: sweet wine “Vino secco”: dry wine “Vino abboccato”: semi-dry wine “Vino corposo”: a full-bodied wine “Vino aromatico”: aromatic wine “Vino frizzante”: semi-sparkling wine As for reading the label, “Azienda” means estate, “Anno” is the year, and “Produttore” is the producer.