Benefits of consuming garlic for your health

The garlic is a vegetable widely used in all the gastronomías of the world, specially in the Italian, in view of its strong and delicious flavor. This particular ingredient turns to any saucer in one gourmet, especially if it is used to roast meats or vegetables.

Nevertheless, the garlic not only is positive for the flavor, due to the fact that also offers multiple advantages for the one who consumes it and scientific there is related the ingestion of this ingredient to a longer and healthy life.

Avoids cardiac diseases

Investigations have revealed the consumption of the garlic is good for the health of the persons. The vegetable is rich in vitamin C, B6 and in manganese. In addition reduces the cholesterol and diminishes the risk of suffering diseases of the heart.

Reinforces the immunological system

The garlic also reinforces the functions of the immune system. As consequence, the organism is more prepared to attack the bacteria that could affect it.

This vegetable also is known for diminishing the arterial pressure and anticipating mental illnesses. So you do not doubt it and visit us at our restaurant La Piccola Fonatana to taste a delicious saucer with garlic.