Avoid these mistakes at the moment of eating

To enjoy an excellent food in an impeccable restaurant as La Piccola Fontana, not only earns the credit to receive the best attention of the personnel and saucers of high quality, but also to avoid common mistakes at the moment of eating that they can spoil your eating time.

For this motive,  we will mention the principal rules that you must follow at the moment of eating in order that you could avoid common mistakes.

1. Place the napkin on your legs and not on the chest or tied to the neck, provided that this has a bad look.

2. Avoid the fingers to absorb yourself while you are eating, due to the fact it is a slightly respectful act and that can trouble your accompanists.

3. Try to place the salt to the food, if deserves it, after proving it and not before. Otherwise you might salar excessively your saucer.

4. In spite of the fact that is very common, it is necessary to to avoid suck directly of the plate the soups, as well as absorb bones of meats or shells of crustaceans.

Following these rules of gold undoubtedly you were demonstrating a better behavior to the moment to eat and you will enjoy more the food, as well as your accompanists will do it.