A tasty Italian recipe to make couscous at home like a chef: Part 3

Spring couscous with griddled onions, goat cheese, pistachios and mint by Alice Delcourt

5 kg couscous
3/4 spring onions
1 bunch of radish
250 gr peas
1-handful peas sprout
2 courgettes
1/2 bunch of asparagus

4 carrots
2 peaches or apricots
1/2 slices fresh garlic
minced mint
minced parsley
2 onions
100 gr minced pistachios
2 lemons
200 gr cut goat cheese
60 gr molten butter
Extra virgin olive oil


Blend the couscous with melted butter and the salt in a bowl, cover with the hot broth and let it stand covered with a dish cloth for at least 15 minutes. Then blend it again. Clean the peas and let them boil for about 2 minutes with salt. Do the same with the carrots (2 mins) and the asparagus (3 mins). Cut the radishes in halves and grate the lemon zest and squeeze it. Cut the onions in halves and cook them on a gridle pan until they start to darken. Now season them with salt, lemon juice and oil. Cut the spring onions and let them fry in a pan with fresh garlic. Once golden, add the courgettes and the peas. Let the mixture cook just for a few seconds and then add salt and lemon juice. Toast the pistachios and cube the peaches, adding both lemon juice and zest, then let them cook in a pan with butter, water, carrots, radishes, asparagus, salt and some herbs. Mix the couscous with the vegetables, peaches, herbs, pistachios, and chopped goat’s cheese, and radish leaves. Presentation: serve couscous garnished with carrots, asparagus, radishes seasoned in butter, peas sprouts, burnt onion petals, zucchini blossoms, mint leafs and oil adding salt and pepper.



Source: Swide