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Italian foods perfect for a winter day

Visit museums and churches without fighting the crowds, then warm up over a steaming plate of some of Italy’s most traditional, and delicious, comfort foods!

Polenta is a very simple dish that can be made in dozens of ways, but polenta taragna kicks it up a notch by adding cheese, milk and butter to create a rich, creamy dish.

Cassoeula, named after the casserole dish it is cooked in, is made with cabbage, tomato purée, onion, celery, chopped carrots, pepper and a variety of pork (the ribs, sausage and tail). It’s tradition to eat this high-calorie dish after the first frost of the season so that the cabbage used will be ready and tasty. Follow suit and order the hot casserole dish; the strong flavors and rich combination are sure to warm you. What better way to warm up and keep winter sniffles away than with a bowl of hearty soup?

Order a plate of these warm marbles of potatoes covered in a classic Tuscan meat sauce, with just a pinch of Parmesan cheese on top, for the embodiment of “comfort food.” Or try some with a butter sauce and sage, or butternut squash gnocchi with a cream sauce. We’re sure you’ll enjoy each bite!