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5 top sports for Panini in Florence

Italy gave the answer to the good old “sandwich”, filled with fresh local ingredients and salted perfectly salted. You can very well grab a Panini while exploring, given that it’s a great way to eat a flavorful but brisk meal.

Take your Panini to a piazza or a park, order and enjoy it on the go or sit down at an authentic panineria. Receiving you with a friendly atmosphere and tempting cured meats it has tons of types of meats, vegetables and spreads to overload on your panino.

Tell the chefs your likings and they can build you a costumed sandwich. Llet’s not forget a fine glass of wine. These delicate food packages of gastronomic heaven are just ideal after a day touring around the San Lorenzo market and even the high-end shops on Via de’ Tornabuoni.

If you find yourself close to the soccer stadium, Stadio Artemio Franchi, in the Le Cure neighborhood, then do not pass up this paninoteca.